About Me

MC Rolon et al.
Me with my loyal reading companions: Shelby (the brown one) and Elwood (the other one)

Hello, I’m MC! I’m a communications professional, avid reader, travel addict and memory keeper based in Orlando, FL. You’ll see a smattering of all those elements on my channels but here I focus primarily on recording my book reading experiences.

That’s the short version. Want the longer version? Keep reading!

  • I’m a former blogger and have been internetting for a long time – back when Geocities and Angelfire were a thing. In 2001, I used to run a Backstreet Boys humor site and wrote terrible fanfiction on my LiveJournal. Yikes, right? I know. How’s that for writing credentials?
  • I’m an avid reader but not a very good one in that I never stick to my TBR list and  I buy more books than I can read in this lifetime. I like to read pretty diversely and typically gravitate towards international fiction but most things are game. I’m a strong believer in Nancy Pearl’s “Rule of Fifty” and DNF books with relish.
  • I’m a pretty prolific memory keeper which is just a hip way of saying I scrapbook. I say memory keeping because I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. These are super hip scrapbooks. I bet if you asked my family members right now they’d tell you no, of course they don’t mind having these things foisted on their laps every Christmas. I use a pocket page system made popular by the Becky Higgin’s Project Life method. I don’t have any children but I’ve managed to fill four albums with selfies and dog pictures since 2014. Go figure.
  • By day, I’m a communications professional. Coworkers have described me as a delight and hysterically funny, though I can’t remember who said it or when…

Aaaand, I’ll stop here. If you’re into quick, dorky observations on books and have some thoughts to share, I hope you’ll stick around and say hi!